Edge Bare Metal

Experience lightning-fast compute with our bare metal power solution

Maximize app performance and cost efficiency with ≤5ms latency on dedicated edge bare metal servers.


Customizable options

Leverage our partnership with Lumen to enhance performance and cost control. Choose a tailored OS, configuration, and pricing model for your business, with pay-as-you-go flexibility, to optimize app performance and minimize expenses.

computer scientist checking servers

Ensure security with our dedicated servers designed for single-tenancy.

Protect your data with user-defined firewall policies, data encryption, and access control on our high-performance servers, providing exclusive accessibility to your business.


Features Estimated starting at Estimated starting at
Utilization 100% 100%
Cores 10 10
RAM 10 10
Storage (SSD) 96 GB 96 GB
Self-service ordering 480 GB 480 GB
Multiple operating systems YES YES
Pay-as-you-go billing YES YES
Term-based billing option YES
Container bin packaging for more efficient hardware use YES YES
Flexible server and storage configurations YES YES
Intuitive self-service dashboard YES YES
Isolated environment as opposed to multi-tenancy YES
Creation of Admin, Tenant and User-Based roles YES YES

Optional server configurations

Features Estimated starting at Estimated starting at
32 cores YES YES
384 or 768 GB RAM YES YES
7,680 or 32,200 GB storage (SSD) YES YES
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