DDoS doesn't stand a chance

Cloud-like flexibility, scalability and built-in security to minimize infrastructure TCO.

Why NextGen?

Advanced DDoS protection with simple pricing

Get a predictable monthly service rate, regardless of attack size, duration or frequency.

Rapid turnup of services mitigation services

Spin up DDoS in minutes to stop harmful attacks on your critical web-facing resources.


Protect your business for less with limited-time pricing. Save 20% on a monthly contract or 30% on an annual contract (including no installation fee).*

Features On-Demand Always-On
Starting at clean traffic return rate 100 Mbps 100 Mbps
Maximum bandwidth 100 Mbps 100 Mbps
Billing options Monthly or annual Monthly or annual
NEXTGEN scrubbing centers automatically and constantly inspect traffic and mitigate detected threats. YES YES
Traffic is scrubbed once customer approval is given or upon attack detection automatically with preapproval. YES YES
Network-based, unlimited mitigation YES YES
Global multi-tiered scrubbing architecture YES YES
Carrier‑agnostic defense: Protects NEXTGEN or third‑party connections for IPv4 and IPv6 traffic YES YES
10 clean traffic return paths and 10 flow‑based monitoring instances YES YES
Base service protects up to 256 blocks of either /24 IPv4 and/or /48 IPv6 addresses YES YES
Proactive monitoring and alerting by global Security Operations Centers with 24/7 support. YES YES
1 second time‑to‑mitigate YES YES
Attack monitoring via NEXTGEN network or Customer Router (CPE) YES YES

Optional add-ons

Features On-Demand Always-On
Unlimited address space size YES YES
Designated security consultant for runbooks, analysis and reporting YES YES
Additional clean traffic return paths and Flow‑Based Monitoring available YES YES
Web Application Firewall (WAF) offering Layer 7 defense YES YES
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